The Myndshft Solution

We all know your healthcare organizations have solutions when it comes to managing medical benefits and prior authorization, but we also know it takes more than one to complete those tasks…until now!

Myndshft provides real-time benefit checks and electronic Prior Authorization at the point of care.

Our solutions can be integrated into your current system of use, or are also available in a portal version called Myndview.

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Did You Know?

According to CAQH:

  • EVERY manual eligibility and benefits verification costs you $5.83 
  • EVERY manual prior authorization costs you $10.26
  • On average, manual transactions require nine minutes more than fully electronic transactions.
  • A medical provider practice could save 61 minutes on average for a patients by switching from manual to fully electronic


With Myndshft you can expect these results:

  • Increased efficiency for each patient by reducing your frustrating manual processes
  • Having all data in one portal instead of multiple portals
  • Results within seconds on everything from benefits verification through prior authorization determination
  • Reduce claim denials and rework by up to 90% by scrubbing errors prior to submission

It’s time you automate these transactions with Myndshft and recognize immediate savings in time and money!


Myndshft Solutions

Our industry-leading, real-time medical benefits check and electronic prior authorization solution.

  • Best in class Benefits Verification & Eligibility – the most current patient-specific benefits information available
  • Automated Coordinated of Benefits – seamlessly identify benefits coverage from secondary and tertiary payers
  • Automated Patient Financial Responsibility and Price Transparency – patients know exactly what they owe prior to care
  • Prior Authorization Determination – accurate determination of payer specific utilization management requirements and PA submission guidelines and criteria
  • Prior Authorization Submission – Submission directly to the payer or through integrations with ePA service providers




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