revenue cycle management

Get real-time medical & pharmacy benefit checks at the point of service

It’s time that specialty pharmacies, infusion therapy providers, diagnostic laboratories, and genomics companies had a revenue cycle that works.

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Focus on Patients – Not Paperwork

Myndshft’s end-to-end approach is the foundation of a proactive revenue cycle.

Myndshft Get Paid Faster

Get Paid Faster

Myndshft automates manual processes and reduces denial-causing errors. Our customers have seen a 93% improvement in turnaround time from hours to seconds in just 6 months.

Myndshft Maximize Revenue

Maximize Revenue

Identify patient responsibility at the point of care and submit accurate claims to payers – minimizing payment risk. We’ve improved claim collection rates from payers by more than 20%.

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Generate Organic Growth

Reduce your administrative burden so you can respond faster to referral requests, service more patients in less time and devote fewer resources to prior authorizations and claims.

Myndshft Improve Patient Care

Improve Patient Care

Self-learning automation and fewer clicks mean more time to focus on a better patient experience. We reduce manual effort by up to 90% for intake and prior authorizations.

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Who We Help

Myndshft is designed for alternate site care providers with complex patient intake and revenue cycle requirements.

We know that specialty pharmacies, infusion therapy providers, diagnostics laboratories, and genomics companies face unique challenges. If you’re facing growing prior authorizations and claims management challenges, we can help.

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Diagnostics Labs

Your pre-service collection options are limited, and a high volume of low-dollar claims means that challenges like bad debt and complicated billing are even bigger obstacles. You’ve been throwing more personnel at the problem, but that isn’t the answer.

Myndshft is dedicated to building a laboratory revenue cycle with fewer errors, improved collections, and efficient, denial-free processes that ultimately result in fewer fires for you to put out, and a superior experience for your patients.

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Specialty Pharmacies

Specialty pharmacies struggle with a fragmented, labor-intensive revenue cycle that depends on pre-internet tech and still requires too much manual intervention. Complex therapies and high-priced drugs mean a sea of prior authorizations, portals, and patient complexity that stand out.

We want to see pharmacies accelerate time to care and eliminate error-prone, time-draining manual tasks that stagnate your revenue cycle goals.



Molecular and Genomics Labs

Molecular and genomics labs are pioneering innovative tests that can more accurately predict and prevent a variety of health conditions. But since many of these tests are new, there is no consensus by payers about the clinical validity of each screening. As a result, each payer has a different policy, and molecular and genomics providers are left to navigate them all.

Speciality Infusion & Home Infusion

Infusion therapy  is one of the fastest growing segments of specialty pharmacy, especially in treating chronic conditions and aging populations. But despite growing adoption, infusion providers struggle to keep pace with complex reimbursement rules and constantly changing prior authorization requirements that negatively impact speed to therapy and revenue integrity.

Our Solutions

We make your current revenue cycle smarter, faster, better.

Myndshft Benefits Verification

Eligibility &
Benefits Verification

Real-time discovery of an individual’s current eligibility and benefits coverage.

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Myndshft Patient Financial Responsibility

Patient Financial

Real-time determination of patient financial responsibility and price transparency.

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Myndshft Prior Authorization


Real-time prior authorization requirement identification, initiation, submission, status, and notification.

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How We Do It

Myndshft doesn’t make a revenue cycle solution. We make yours better. Our technology integrates easily with your existing systems, working independently in the background. You see big leaps in productivity and revenue collection without requiring big changes to your workflow or systems.

Self Learning

Self-Learning System

Myndshft dynamically updates automated workflow and rules engines based on the actual responses and results from submitted prior authorizations. Our technology continuously adapts to the rules in use by payers. The more you use it, the smarter it gets.

Synchronized Rules Library

Synchronized Rules Library

With a library of continuously-updated rules for thousands of payers, Myndshft automatically synchronizes with the eligibility and prior authorization rules for all specialty pharmacy and diagnostics procedures. So, you always have the most up-to-date requirements, without the effort.

Lightning Fast

Lightning Fast

Automatically verify eligibility and benefits, calculate patient financial responsibility, and identify and submit a prior authorization. All in less than a second.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Myndshft plays well with all your systems. Our solution integrates with thousands of EMRs, HIS, and financial management solutions — diagnostic laboratory and specialty pharmacy platforms included.



Myndshft takes action with no need for intervention by you or your team. It handles all the tedious, error-prone administrative tasks so that you can focus elsewhere.

Client Case Study

Client Case Studies

See how Myndshft customers are realizing the benefits of moving the revenue cycle up to the point of care.

We provide the modern, digital platform and solutions that radically disrupt healthcare administration

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Bottom Line Results

See how Myndshft helped a leading specialty pharmacy to reduce operational expenses, increase new patient referrals, and generate organic revenue growth.

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