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Simpler. Faster. For Anyone.

Pragmatic AI for Healthcare

Simpler. Faster. For Anyone

The future of healthcare is AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly moving out of labs and incubators and into mainstream business.  Healthcare, like no other industry, will be transformed by the application of smart technologies – radically changing patient experience and engagement, eliminating billions of dollars in cost, and improving the effectiveness of care. But there are unique challenges that health and healthcare organizations face which must be overcome to capture the value from AI.

At its core, AI requires four things – data, AI models, scalable computing power, and talent. Myndshft brings these capabilities together to unlock AI for healthcare.

AI Components

Pragmatic AI for Healthcare

Myndshft works with health and healthcare organizations to put the capabilities of AI into practice. We bring a fresh, common-sense approach – we think of it as pragmatic AI. Pragmatic AI avoids the risk of moonshots, and instead focuses on extending and enhancing processes and systems through a modular, building-block approach. We help organizations adopt AI with low risk and high ROI. Myndshft simplifies enterprise-grade AI in healthcare. We’re applying the building blocks of technology that make-up AI in a pragmatic, low risk environment with leading healthcare organizations.

Myndshft Focus in Healthcare

AI Automation
AI Insights
AI Engagement

The Myndshft Stack

We believe that the convergence of blockchain and cognitive computing has the potential to finally unlock the insights hidden in the massive and growing healthcare data universe.

M:IA Tech Stack

Designed for the modern healthcare enterprise.

M:IA™ is the only as-a-service robotic process automation solution with native artificial intelligence.

M:IA™ unlocks localized, process-level data and makes it available for artificial intelligence.

CognitiveBus Tech Stack

CognitiveBus® – The AI platform for healthcare

The world’s first Cognitive Blockchain platform to unlock data and bring the benefits of Artificial Intelligence to Healthcare.

CognitiveBus® unlocks enterprise level data and supports unlocking of business network data via private blockchain.

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