Put Your Revenue Cycle on Autopilot

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Put Your Revenue Cycle on Autopilot

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Myndshft Technologies
Myndshft Technologies

Myndshft helps you deliver better care, faster. Our CB.Claims™ solution frees healthcare providers from the grip of time-wasting, error-prone administrative tasks by automating complex manual intake and revenue cycle processes.

Myndshft frees healthcare providers and payers from the grip of time-wasting, error-prone administrative tasks by automating the manual processes that currently suppress revenues and undermine patient care.

How We Can Help

Myndshft Makes Care More Accessible

Make Care More Accessible

Reduce from minutes to a fraction of a second the time it takes to verify a patient’s benefits coverage, calculate their out-of-pocket financial responsibility, and submit a prior authorization.

Myndshft Improves Patient Care

Improve Patient Experience

Inform and equip patients with the most accurate benefits and financial responsibility information at the time of care to enable better care decisions.

Myndshft Helps you maximize collections

Maximize Collections

Eliminate error-prone manual tasks which increase the risk of denials and decrease collections.

Myndshft Helps You Get Paid Faster

Get Paid Faster

Optimize and accelerate intake processes to decrease back-end rework and speed-up the collections cycle.

Who We Help

Myndshft works with healthcare organizations with complex patient intake and revenue cycle requirements. Genomics labs, diagnostics labs, home infusion and specialty pharmacies are among care providers who are facing increasing demands for prior authorizations and compliance claims management challenges.


We offer the most advanced solution in the market which helps providers tackle these challenges head-on in a single workflow that consolidates eligibility, patient responsibility and prior authorization at the point of care for both medical and pharmacy benefits.

Myndshft works with Diagnostic Labs

Diagnostic Labs

Myndshft works with Specialty Pharmacies

Specialty Pharmacies

Our Solutions – In Real-time At the Point of Care

Myndshft Does Eligibility and Benefits Verification
Myndshft Calculates Patient Financial Responsibility
Myndshft Handles Prior Authorization

How We Do It

Myndshft harnesses advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology to automate, simplify, and accelerate healthcare administration.

Myndshft is Self Learning

Self-Learning System

Dynamically updates automated workflows based on the actual responses and results from payers.

Myndshft Has A Synchronized Rules Library

Rules Library

The most comprehensive library that covers the prior auth and revenue cycle rules for over 93% of the US covered population.

Myndshft is Lightening Fast

Lightning Fast

Returns eligibility, patient financial responsibility, and submits prior authorization information in less than a second.

Myndshft Offers Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Integrates with thousands of EMR’s, health information systems, and financial management systems.

Myndshft Works Autonomously


Operates in the background without requiring changes to your current workflows and applications with virtually no human intervention