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Electronic Prior Authorization Automation at the Point of Care

Myndshft reduces manual work, eliminates duplication of effort, and shortens preauthorization cycle times so providers and payers can focus on patients, not paperwork.

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Changing the Paradigm for Patients, Providers, and Payers

In The Moment

In the Moment

Experience a seamless workflow by having real-time transactions driven within existing technology platforms.

Immediate ROI

Immediate ROI

Providers and Payers reduce time and effort by up to 90% for benefits and utilization management.

In the Moment

No Surprises

Eliminate the current benefits and utilization management black box – eliminating confusion for patients, providers and payers.

Myndshft Improve Patient Care

Faster Time to Care

Self-learning automation and fewer clicks mean more time for patients, providers and payers to focus on care.

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Who We Help

Myndshft eliminates the quagmire of point solutions by providing a unified, end-to-end platform for in the moment payer-provider-patient interactions.


Empower patients with the most accurate price transparency and benefit details at the point of care.

Patients know immediately if they have coverage and what they will have to pay – supporting cost and care decisions.


Providers complete the entire intake and ordering process without leaving their workflow.

Benefits verification, patient out of pocket calculator and prior authorizations are executed handsfree.



Equip provider networks with the availability of accurate comprehensive member eligibility data and real-time, automated PA adjudication at the point of care.

Our Solutions

We bring critical decisions and actions to the point of care – reducing downstream costs and eliminating complexity.

Myndshft Benefits Verification

Eligibility &
Benefits Verification

Automated, real-time patient-specific benefits and eligibility verification from over 600+ payers and 93% of covered lives.

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Coordination of Benefits

Real-time identification of other payers — even when they are not included as part of an eligibility verification request.

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Insurance Discovery

Insurance Discovery

Identify active coverage and increase revenue. Reduce operational costs with increased margins.

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Myndshft Patient Financial Responsibility

Patient Financial

Real-time determination of patient financial responsibility and price transparency.

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Myndshft Prior Authorization


Simple, touch free prior authorization requirement identification, initiation, submission, status, and adjudication.

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How We Do It

Our technology integrates easily with existing provider and payer systems, working independently in the background. We deliver big leaps in productivity without requiring big changes to current workflow or systems.

Self Learning

Self-Learning System

Myndshft dynamically updates automated workflow and rules engines based on the actual responses and results from provider-payer interactions. Our technology continuously adapts to the rules in use by payers. The more you use it, the smarter it gets.

Synchronized Rules Library

Synchronized Rules Library

A library of continuously-updated thousands of rules for national, state and regional payers. Myndshft automatically synchronizes eligibility and prior authorization rules to provide full transparency for providers and patients.

Lightning Fast

Lightning Fast

Automatically verify eligibility and benefits, check coordination of benefits, calculate patient financial responsibility, and identify and submit a prior authorization and then adjudicating a PA in less than 5 seconds.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Myndshft plays well with provider and payer systems. Our solution integrates with all EMRs, HIS, and claims management solutions.



Myndshft takes action with no need for intervention by you or your team. It handles all the tedious, error-prone administrative tasks so that you can focus elsewhere.

Client Case Study

Client Case Studies

See how Myndshft customers are realizing the benefits of moving the revenue cycle up to the point of service.

Experience the modern, innovative industry platform helping to disrupt the landscape of patient access and utilization management.

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Bottom Line Results

See how Myndshft helped a leading specialty pharmacy to reduce operational expenses, increase new patient referrals, and generate organic revenue growth.

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