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May 24, 2023

Run Faster & Smoothly! 5 Ways Prior Auth Software Helps Your Team & Your Patients Win

by Susan Lawson-Dawson | Healthcare Technology, Prior Authorization

Trouble getting  prior authorizations over the finish line? Every day, your staff and clinicians face one hurdle after another in pursuit of approvals. First, digging through paper or portal documentation to determine prior authorization requirements. Then, phone calls to payers—frustrating hold times included—when you have questions. Finally, gathering and submitting the documentation needed (finger’s crossed). Even tracking the progress of prior authorization requests breaks your stride, forcing you to navigate between multiple payer portals to determine the status of everything in play. Enter the game-changer: prior auth software that streamlines this process and accelerates patient care. 

Become a prior auth front-runner with automation

Unending administrative hurdles have serious consequences. Just last year, the Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, M.D., noted that burdensome documentation—prior authorizations, in particular—adds to staff and clinician burnout. The consequences for patients are even more concerning. The AMA found that 78% of providers say prior auth delays ‘often’ or ‘sometimes’ lead to treatment abandonment. Even more concerning, 89% say such delays have a ‘somewhat’ or ‘significant’ negative impact on health outcomes. 

With automated prior authorization software like Myndshft, it’s much easier to get them across the finish line. How does it help? 

1. Clear administrative hurdles with ease

An undeniable strength of prior authorization software is its ability to cut through the red tape. Our extensive payer policy library and rules engine eliminates frustrating hunts for requirements and forms. It uses patients’ health and benefits information and clinical documentation to:

  • Determine if prior authorization is required;
  • Identify and gather submission criteria; and
  • Submit the request on the appropriate form, via payers’ preferred submission method.

 It’s like a well-timed long jump over paperwork and administrative tasks, freeing healthcare professionals to concentrate more on their ultimate goal—patient care.

2. Set a faster pace for approval times

Prior authorization software slashes the time it takes to get approvals across the line. It’s like having a world-class sprinter on your team, racing past those long hours spent on paper documentation, faxes and phone calls.  Where a manual or partially electronic prior authorization process takes upwards of 48 minutes (not counting hold times) to go from benefits verification and eligibility to prior auth submission, automated prior authorization condenses the time to under 6 minutes. 

3. Eliminate stumbles due to preventable errors

Manual data entry leaves you exposed to typos or missing information, leading to delays or denials. Not to mention, reworking claims adds to already-high administrative burdens and the resulting expenses. Automating the prior authorization process overcomes these potential pitfalls, ensuring that the payer receives precisely the information needed to make decisions in a timely manner.

4. Keep patients’ treatment plans running smoothly

Healthcare journeys are like a relay. Every time the baton is passed, it can make or break the experience. Drop the baton and your patient loses ground. Prior authorization software ensures quick, smooth transitions. As a result, your patients experience fewer delays or denials that could impede progress. In fact, a faster, smoother path to necessary treatments helps motivate patients to stick with treatment plans all the way to the finish line.  

5. Win the patient satisfaction marathon

The faster pace set by automated prior authorization enables patients to reach their treatment goals sooner. Myndshft, for example, calculates patient financial responsibility using each patient’s exact benefits , co-pays, and deductibles. This delivers in-demand price transparency for patients. Plus, instead of frustrating delays or denials, patients experience a smoother care journey. They receive the care they need, when they need it. And that leads to happier patients. 

When you automate prior authorizations, everyone wins

A streamlined prior authorization process supported by automation delivers winning results every day. Fewer administrative hours spent chasing approvals means less money thrown into the labor wind. Plus, payers benefit from consistent data delivery, making it easier to adjudicate claims with confidence. Meanwhile, speedier treatment access can nip escalating medical conditions in the bud. It’s a two-for-one bonus, reducing overall healthcare expenses and yielding results that patients appreciate.

Prior authorization software ensures patients aren’t left in the starting blocks when it comes to accessing needed care. It’s a crucial tool in the race towards value-based care, removing bureaucratic hurdles that too often obstruct the path to health and wellness.

Find out why Myndshft can’t be beat when it comes to prior authorization software. Connect with us today!