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January 11, 2022

Myndshft and ZOLL Announce Integrated Workflow Collaboration

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Myndshft and the Data Systems division of ZOLL Medical Corporation have joined forces to deliver a next-generation patient access solution, powering greater operational efficiency for providers and faster access to care for patients.

Mesa, AZ, January 11, 2022 — Myndshft, a leading provider of real-time medical benefits check and electronic prior authorization technology, announces an agreement with the Data Systems division of ZOLL® Medical Corporation, an Asahi Kasei company that manufactures medical devices and related healthcare software solutions.

ZOLL Data Systems is a leader in comprehensive data management systems and post-care revenue cycle solutions for pre-hospital and hospital care providers, and healthcare billing companies. The agreement brings together the only end-to-end, fully digital prior authorization with industry-leading insurance discovery technology. Together, they deliver best-in-class patient access and workflow efficiency for medical benefits.

Now, real-time medical benefits, patient financial responsibility, insurance discovery, and electronic prior authorization will be available to an expanding network of providers via the ZOLL AR Boost® solution and Myndshft.

Myndshft and ZOLL Data Systems are collaborating to tackle complex workflows like prior authorization challenges for healthcare providers. The impact that Myndshft has had on improving access to care while increasing provider and payer efficiency has positioned them as the clear leader in prior authorization technology. At the same time, ZOLL AR Boost is the leader in real-time accounts receivable optimization. Together, these technologies offer customers a powerhouse solution that will drive financial performance improvements and workflow efficiency.

Healthcare customers will be able to identify up to 20% more billable coverage while increasing revenue collections by more than 12% on average. They will be able to instantly see whether a prior authorization is required, determine the optimal submission route, and submit a prior authorization request directly to the payer using electronic prior authorization powered by Myndshft.

“Myndshft is breaking new ground with an end-to-end prior authorization solution that is faster, simpler, and universally supports every provider and payer in automating and streamlining care management.” said Ron Wince, CEO of Myndshft. “We’re extremely excited to be joining forces with a like-minded, innovative technology company like ZOLL. Our collaboration enables us to leverage their extensive distribution network in emergency medical services and acute care – freeing up clinicians and billing staff to focus on their patients and other higher-value activities in their organization.” he added.

Both the Myndshft and ZOLL Data Systems solutions utilize innovative technology to explore every coverage option and payer source rules for patients. The solutions enable providers and billing companies to accurately identify the availability of government payers and their managed care or replacement plans, or commercial coverages with their associated policy and subscriber numbers, along with payer- and patient-specific prior authorization requirements.

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