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March 31, 2023

HIMSS Checklist: Use 6 Simple Strategies to Make the Most of Your Time at This Unrivaled Health IT Showcase

by Susan Lawson-Dawson | Healthcare Technology, Prior Authorization

The Windy City, aka Chicago, has a rich history, and not just as the birthplace of the world’s first skyscraper or where the first atom was split in 1942 at the University of Chicago. It’s also the site where the nation’s first open-heart surgery was performed in 1983, making it a fitting location for this year’s Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Global Health Conference and Exhibition. 

In mid-April, players from across the global healthcare ecosystem—from healthcare providers and payers to regulatory officials and health IT vendors—will converge to learn about the latest advancements in healthcare technology, network with their peers, and explore new business opportunities.  In fact, Myndshft will be there showcasing automated prior authorization.  

Before we dive into our strategies for reaping the benefits of HIMSS, let’s look at what HIMSS has to offer. 

What you can expect to gain from attending HIMSS

When healthcare thought leaders get together in one place, the benefits follow. HIMSS offers you an opportunity to  meet and network with professionals across the healthcare IT industry. You can forge new connections, discuss opportunities, and collaborate with others.

The conference also offers numerous educational sessions, from keynote speeches and panel discussions to workshops and presentations. You can even earn Continuing Education (CE) credits while attending. 

The innovation showcase at HIMSS features an extensive exhibition hall. Exploring it allows you access to the latest healthcare IT solutions aimed at solving the biggest challenges in healthcare today. Whether you’re looking for digital tools to enhance patient engagement or automated prior authorization to reduce administrative burdens on staff and clinicians, HIMSS has it. 

HIMSS also offers an excellent opportunity to engage with policy-makers and industry leaders, so you can have a hand in shaping the future of healthcare IT and influence the development of standards, regulations, and policies.

6 strategies that will serve you well at HIMSS

Your days at HIMSS will be jam packed, exhilarating and, if we’re being honest here, probably exhausting. Doing some advanced prep-work ensures you will get the most bang for your buck without feeling overwhelmed. Where should you start? 

1. Plan ahead

Familiarize yourself with the conference program, including keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops, and networking events. Then, prioritize the sessions most relevant to your interests and professional goals, and create a personalized schedule. Similarly, review the exhibiting companies and identify which booths you want to visit. This makes it easier for you to allocate time to engage with vendors that offer solutions relevant to your organization’s needs. 

2. Set goals

What do you want to get out of HIMSS? As mentioned earlier, HIMSS educational sessions offer continuing education credits. In addition, HIMSS hosts several certification review courses to help attendees prepare for certification exams. Those are just a few of the ways the HIMSS supports your professional development. Before you head to Chicago, make sure you define your objectives for attending the conference, such as specific topics you want to learn more about or people you want to meet.

3. Network in-person and on social media

Take advantage of networking events, social gatherings, and exhibit hall visits to engage with peers, industry experts, and vendors. But don’t stop there! Follow the official conference hashtag, along with hashtags related to your interests. (#FixPriorAuth springs to mind.) This allows you to engage with other attendees and speakers to expand your network and stay on top of conference happenings. 

4. Take notes 

Taking notes on the fly can be challenging, but with a few easy tips, you can effectively capture key information while staying engaged in the moment. For example, set up your notepad (paper or digital) with topics or themes, so you can categorize the information as you get it. Also, use bullet points to quickly capture main ideas. Focus on noting down key points, important details, and action items. You don’t need to write down everything that’s said—just the most relevant information. One exception to this rule (and a reason to keep your voice recorder handy): If someone says something particularly important or impactful, write it down verbatim. This will help you remember the context and specific details of the conversation.

5. Follow up

Take time to decompress mentally and physically once HIMSS is behind you, but not too long. You should allocate time after the conference to review your notes while the event is still fresh in your mind. In the weeks after HIMSS, reach out to the connections you made and share your learnings with your team to maximize the benefits of your attendance.

By following this checklist, you will be well-prepared for a successful and productive experience at the HIMSS conference in Chicago. 

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