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April 24, 2018

CognitiveBus® 2.0 Becomes First Healthcare Cognitive Blockchain Platform

by Developer | Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Technology, News

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CognitiveBus® 2.0 is the industry’s first artificial intelligence engine and native enterprise blockchain platform designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare organizations.

Blockchain technology, which rose to fame with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, has quickly become a transformational technology for innovative organizations in financial services, supply chain and manufacturing. We now offer CognitiveBus 2.0 which boasts a permissioned, private blockchain and enterprise-grade artificial intelligence, that transforms how organizations access and analyze their data.

CognitiveBus 2.0 is designed to modernize legacy systems through plug and play functionality. Key features of CognitiveBus 2.0 include:

  • MYND.AI is a leading artificial intelligence and machine learning compute engine which supports stream and batch learning, data cleansing, a suite of cognitive micro-services, and a growing library of off-the-shelf integrations with healthcare systems. MYND.AI includes features designed to overcome process breakdowns and bottlenecks normally experienced in AI development, deployment, and scaling.
  • MYND.Chain offers a fully integrated permissioned blockchain designed to speed the development, governance, and operation of a blockchain for both intra-company and inter-company applications.
  • Cloud deployment through MYND.Cloud VPC as well as on premise and hybrid cloud deployments.