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M:IA™ – Robotic Process Automation

M:IA™ is advanced process automation purpose built for modern businesses. M:IA™ is the only process automation solution on the market with native enterprise-grade artificial intelligence.

M:IA Robotic Process Automation for Healthcare

M:IA™ Technology Platform

M:IA Technology Platform

Myndshft Focus on Process Automation

M:IA Process Automation

M:IA™ Cognitive Automation As-A-Service

M:IA™ is delivered in an as-a-service model and typically results in >25% savings from offshore and 80% versus onshore.
M:IA Process Intelligence
M:IA Enterprise-Grade
M:IA As-A-Service

M:IA™ Deployment Model

The typical deployment timeline for M:IA™ is from concept to operations in 6-8 weeks

[1 week ]

Assess target processes for rapid prototyping in a test environment

Establish leadership & stakeholder engagement and buy-in

[1 week ]

Map the process systems and business rules 

Establish baseline and agree on performance targets

[3-4 weeks ]

Configure M:IA™ to perform the processes

Define interactions & rules between M:IA™ & systems

Run test cases to identify and capture exceptions

Define changes to human staff roles and the future processes

[1-2 weeks ]

Transition production volume to the automated environment

On-going execution and support

Real-time performance monitoring 

Redeploy staff 

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