Simpler. Faster. For Anyone.

Myndshft CognitiveBus®

CognitiveBus® is a one-of-a-kind artificial intelligence compute engine, accelerator, toolkit, and native enterprise blockchain platform.

Designed from the ground up to overcome traditional barriers faced when putting artificial intelligence into practice. CognitiveBus® unlocks disparate data sources – both internal and external – and processes data lightning fast.


  • Built with “plug and play” tooling, industry accelerators, and cognitive building blocks, CognitiveBus® is remarkably easy to use. 
  • Removes the complexity of deploying artificial intelligence.


  • CognitiveBus® has the ability to be deployed in as little as an hour and can scale from a single node to thousands in minutes.
  • CognitiveBus® is crazy fast – able to process terabyte scale data in seconds.

For Anyone.

  • CognitiveBus® was designed to make Artificial Intelligence available to every organization – regardless of size, experience with AI, or availability of technical resources.
CognitiveBus Stack


MYND.AI provides the core capabilities for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Purpose built for speed to value it includes unique capabilities to overcome process breakdowns and bottlenecks normally experienced in AI development and deployment:

MYND AI Integrations

Native CPU + GPU + TPU integrations

MYND AI Scale/Task/Self-Heal

Auto-scale, auto-task, and self-healing

MYND AI Training

Batch & real-time model training with one-touch deployment

MYND AI Model Deployment

Continuous model deployment and optimizations

MYND AI Data Integrations

Enterprise grade data integrations

Enterprise logging, security, and monitoring dashboards


MYND.Chain is a fully integrated enterprise-ready blockchain designed to accelerate the development, governance and operation of an intra-company network as well as a multi-institution business network. MYND.Chain is a private, permissioned blockchain with known members, confidential transactions, and trusted identities.

MYND Chain Decentralized Network

Operations tools for managing a decentralized network

MYND Chain Governance

Governance tools for democratic management of the business network

MYND Chain Cloud

Flexible deployment options including on MYND.Cloud

MYND Chain Enterprise

Built from the ground up for enterprise

MYND Chain Speed

Performance speeds
>1,000 transactions per second

MYND Chain Confidentiality and Privacy

Confidentiality and Privacy

MYND Chain Channels

Built-in channels for isolation and membership services

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