The only process automation solution on the market with native AI


MESA, Ariz. – APRIL 12, 2018 – Myndshft Technologies, the developer of the first cognitive blockchain platform, today announced the launch of M:IA, an advanced process automation application purpose built for modern businesses.

M:IA is the industry’s only intelligent process automation solution on the market with native artificial intelligence. M:IA is built on Myndshft’s CognitiveBus®, an enterprise-grade AI/ML blockchain based platform.

”Process automation is a great first step for companies exploring digital technologies like artificial intelligence,” Said Ron Wince, founder and CEO of Myndshft Technologies. “M:IA was designed and purpose built to minimize the demand on technology resources while allowing business owners to move at the speed of their market.  With M:IA companies can start with automating simple tasks and evolve in their use of AI as they gain confidence and see first-hand the benefits.”

M:IA is delivered in an as-a-service model with no software or licenses to purchase. Key features include:

  • Modern Architecture – Built on modern, modular architecture for flexibility, agility, and intelligence
  • Elastic –Scale from one to thousands of nodes (bots) in minutes. This provides immediate flexibility and responsiveness to support peaks in demand
  • Secure – The platform provides the highest level of security, privacy, and regulatory compliance

M:IA creates and supports a digital workforce of industrial strength and enterprise scale as-a-service.  “M:IA is managed with existing infrastructure and processes and deployed in as little as a few weeks. With the as-a-service approach, clients can implement process automation rapidly, with minimal risk and rapid time to value.

“Typically, customers see payback in less than 90 days.  M:IA was built with the same design principles as CognitiveBus, our cognitive blockchain platform.  Simpler. Faster. For Anyone,” said Wince.


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Myndshft is working at the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence. Through CognitiveBus – a first of its kind cognitive blockchain platform, Myndshft Technologies is simplifying enterprise-grade AI and unlocking the insights hidden in the massive and growing data universe. For more information about Myndshft Technologies, visit myndshft.com.

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