Pragmatic AI for Healthcare

Pragmatic AI for Healthcare

What is

Pragmatic AI?

What is

Pragmatic AI?

Artificial Intelligence is set to transform healthcare in ways hardly imagined only a few years ago. The potential impact of AI in healthcare has been estimated to be as much as $300B per year and yet less than 5% of healthcare organizations are currently deploying AI.


Pragmatic AI is Myndshft’s common-sense, practical approach to leveraging artificial intelligence in healthcare administration. We start by focusing on low-hanging fruit that delivers near immediate benefits while progressing over time to more complex business problems.

Myndshft Approach Discover Phase

Discovery Workshop

  • Understand the opportunity of cognitive computing and IoT

  • Identify opportunities for innovation in a core business process or product

Myndshft Approach Design Phase

Rapid Design & Prototyping

  • Narrow focus on a key opportunity

  • Design/Redesign the product or process using Lean Startup and Design Thinking

  • Rapid prototyping through simulation and demonstration

Myndshft Approach Develop Phase

Proof of Concept

  • Move beyond simulation/prototype

  • Rapidly integrate into production environment and stress-test for soundness and impact

  • Rapid iteration to ready for ongoing operations

Myndshft Approach Deploy Phase

Realizing Value

  • Sustained operations and measurable impact

  • Identify further enhancements and extending beyond the narrow use case