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November 9, 2022

Myndshft Embarks on Collaboration with Google Cloud and is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace

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Cooperative Effort Aims to Advance Value-Based Care Using Intelligent Automation
and Secure Data Exchange in the Patient Intake Workflow to Help Organizations Work More Efficiently

MESA, Ariz. – Nov. 9, 2022 – Myndshft, a provider of automated prior authorization software, today announced that the Myndshft platform is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace.

By using Google Cloud’s Healthcare API, Myndshft enables automated, point-of-care benefits verification, eligibility and coordination, patient financial responsibility calculation, and electronic prior authorization—all in a secure, interoperable, and scalable cloud environment.

Healthcare providers have expressed growing frustration over prior authorization, with 95 percent reporting that patients have experienced delays or denials for medically necessary care due to prior authorization requirements. Interoperability challenges, lack of standardization across payers, and the growing list of procedures, services and medications requiring prior authorization add to the complexity.

Myndshft resolves the complexity by combining intelligent automation with Collective Healthcare Intelligence™—a single source of truth for patients’ health and benefits information, providers’ clinical documentation, and payers’ plans and policies.

“This is an exciting opportunity to extend our availability to healthcare providers and payers already using Google Cloud, helping to create more seamless workflows that eliminate barriers to patient care and increase momentum for value-based care. We look forward to ongoing collaboration with Google Cloud to move the needle on healthcare transformation, ” says Myndshft Founder and CEO Ron Wince.

The new offering makes it possible for healthcare providers to purchase Myndshft from Google Cloud Marketplace and get a frictionless billing experience. Available as a stand-alone portal or directly integrated into Electronic Health Record (EHR) or other systems of record, Myndshft enables efficient, hands-free automation of prior authorization. Use of HL7 FHIR APIs adheres with the latest web standards for increased interoperability, enabling more secure data exchange between different systems in the healthcare ecosystem.

With full integration, manual work is reduced up to 90 percent. The time it takes to move through benefits verification, patient financial responsibility calculation and prior authorization submission shrinks from nearly 50 minutes to under 5 minutes on average. Myndshft also looks forward to collaborating with Google Cloud on future healthcare solutions built on the Google Cloud Platform

“Integrated cloud technologies have the unique opportunity to help address many of the challenges present in healthcare systems today,” said Riju Khetarpal, director, Healthcare and Life Sciences ISV Partnerships, Google Cloud. “With Myndshft’s solution available on Google Cloud Marketplace, organizations can easily procure and deploy the Myndshft software to provide timely treatment for patients which ultimately helps improve their ability to provide value-based care.”


Myndshft began with a mission to enable value-based care by empowering healthcare providers and payers to drive down costs and increase revenue while achieving optimal patient care. Today, Myndshft is the only fully automated end-to-end prior authorization platform with real-time benefits and prior authorization insights directly in any system of record. This is achieved by combining hands-free automation with Collective Healthcare Intelligence™, a single source of truth for patients’ health and benefits information, providers’ clinical documentation, and payers’ plans and policies.

Myndshft reduces manual work, eliminates duplication of effort, and shortens preauthorization cycle times so providers and payers can focus on patients, not paperwork. For more information, visit


Naor Chazan, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Myndshft Technologies, Inc.,; Telephone: (480) 718-2163